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Don't Let an Infection Invade Your Vacation

Sanitation station

We're not trying to put a damper on your vacation - we promise!

In fact, it's quite the opposite.

We want to make sure you don't come home with any unexpected surprises from your spa day on vacation.

Before you trust your family or friend's recommendation, or book an appointment at the hotel spa, here are a few questions you should ask about their sanitation process (depending on the services you're interested in).

Sanitation Questions

  1. How do you sanitize the pedicure tubs? Pedicure bowls/tubs should be cleaned with a sanitation solution between each and every guest. For spas that use plastic liners and change them between guests, this DOES NOT prevent contamination unless accompanied by the sanitation solution.

  2. Are the tools for my service new? Nail files, buffers, pumice stones, and foot files should always be new - never reused. For metal instruments, they must be sanitized and disinfected for at least 10-15 minutes before being used on another guest. Often times, you'll even see a technician open a set of sanitized tools before starting your service.

  3. When were the linens changed? And are those new facial/waxing tools? When you enter the waxing or facial room, there should always be fresh linens or sheet covers on the table. In addition, new waxing sticks or facial sponges should be used to avoid contamination.

Why Does This Matter?

When spas cut corners on sanitation, it's the guests who suffer. So please be vigilant and ask questions before visiting the spa on vacation. We don't want to see any of our guests coming home with a foot fungus, staph infection, or bacterial infection.

And remember, any reputable spa with proper sanitation practices will not be offended when you ask about their procedures. If they become resistant, that may be a sign to walk away.

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