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the pink & white difference

It all started with family - our family - some of whom worked in local nail salons under less than ideal circumstances, and others who worked in the corporate sector. Although we're all first generation Asian Americans from modest beginnings and diverse backgrounds, we knew the six of us could do it better! 

We wanted to use high-quality products, follow the top safety and sanitation standards, and find top-notch employees that would be trained and treated like family, all while providing our customers with a five-star experience.

With that as our vision, Pink & White Nail and Spa was born!​

Relaxing in Luxury

We worked with an interior designer to create the perfect space for relaxation and pampering. From spacious treatment rooms, to over-sized chairs, and elegant presentations, you'll be treated like a queen (or king) every time you enter Pink & White.

Sanitation Bar

We don't take chances with your health! We have a dedicated space for cleaning and sanitizing tools - our Sanitation Bar - plus, each technician is trained to follow strict procedures that ensure the highest level of cleanliness during your treatment.

Healthy Choices

Not all nail polishes or spa services are created equal. In fact, we only carry nail polish that is 5-free and above, meaning they're free of at least the 'toxic trio' - dibutyl phthalate (DBP), formaldehyde, and toluene. Plus, we offer organic services upon request.

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