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What's So Glamorous About Gel Polish?

Gel v. regular nail polish

Anyone who's called to book a manicure, has probably heard us ask, "regular or gel?"

And the most common response we hear is, "what do you mean?"

We figured it was about time we explained the difference between gel polish and regular polish, by answering some of the questions we're most frequently asked.

If we forgot one, please leave your question in the comments below and we'll respond as soon as possible (and maybe even add it to this post)!


In a nutshell, what is the difference between the two?

Gel: Gel polish is a step above regular polish in appearance and durability.

Regular: Regular polish is the same basic polish you know, love, and are most likely using as the average consumer.

What is the difference in service time and cost?

Gel: Gel services take about 45-60 minutes, with gel manicures priced at $38 and gel pedicures at $48.

Regular: Regular polish services take about 20-30 minutes, with manicures prices starting at $18 and pedicures at $29.

How do the applications processes differ?

Both manicure and pedicure services start the same way with a soaking, buffing, and cuticle and nail trim. Following that:

Gel: several coats of gel nail polish are applied, each being set with a UV or LED light.

Regular: a base coat, two coats of regular polish, and one top coat is applied, with only the final coat being set by fan, air, UV or LED light.

What about the removal or next appointment process?

Gel: To remove gel polish, we file down the layers of gel polish and wrap each finger and toe in foil with an acetone soaked cotton ball. After that sits for 5-10 minutes, the remaining gel is scraped off, before the application process begins again.

Regular: The regular polish is taken off with remover before the application process begins again.

Is one service better for you than the other?

It all really comes down to a personal preference, or if you have a special occasion, or are limited on time.

Gel: Gel polish has a shinier, glossier finish, we guarantee it will last (no chips!) for at least 10 days, and it does not cause any damage to the integrity of your nail bed, as often feared with acrylic services.

Regular: Regular polish services can be done in less than 30 minutes, are the least expensive service, has a wider variety of colors available, and is available in an organic option.

What brands are available and are they 3-free and above?

Gel: Yes, all 3 brands with gel colors available are 3-free and above: OPI, Kiara Sky, and Bio Seaweed.

Regular: Yes, we will only carry options that are 3-free and above: OPI, Kiara Sky, LUX, Zoya, Bio Seaweed, 100% Pure, and Piggy Polish.

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