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No More 'F' Word

Sanitation area at Pink & White

It’s time we had a little talk about the ‘F’ word.

It is not something we will tolerate at Pink and White. Not now, and not ever!

We think our clients deserve a relaxing and sanitary experience - not something that leaves them with a fungus.

Yes, the ‘F’ word we want to talk about is Fungus.

Do you know what to look for, or what to ask, to be sure you won't catch a fungus?

After talking with several new clients, who had unfortunate experiences at other locations, we realized there is a lot of mystery and misconceptions about spa sanitation.


Myth Busters - Sanitation and Fungi

As long as the spa uses plastic liners in the spa tubs, I’m safe from infection.

FALSE - These liners are not waterproof and do not protect against the transfer of germs or bacteria. It’s similar to putting a trash bag in your trash can. It will keep the interior from getting too dirty, but it wouldn’t be something you’d let your kids play with or a surface you’d touch before eating.

I should always see my technician open new or freshly sanitized instruments during my service. TRUE - By law, new files and buffers are required for each guest, and metal instruments require a 15-minute sanitation and UV process before they can be used again. This means each technician should have 8-10 sets of tools at a time so they can rotate through them throughout the day. And since files and buffers are one-time use, they’re yours to take home if you’d like to (just let us know).

Using a pumice stone during a pedicure is better for your feet. FALSE - While many people love pumice stones, they’re not a sanitary or economical option for most spas. There is no way to sanitize them between guests, so they’d have to be thrown out after each use. And since they're not cheap, the additional cost would raise the price of a pedicure. This is why most spas use files but are happy to use your personal pumice stone if you bring it in.


We hope this has cleared up some of the confusion surround spas and sanitation. If you ever have a question, or would like to know more, please don’t hesitate to ask. We want every guest to feel comfortable and confident in the service they are receiving - never taking an ‘F’ word home with them.

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