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4 Tips for Avoiding Ingrown Toenails

toenails in the sand

The summer is here and the sandals are out! Are your toes ready? Before you head to the spa or break out your DIY kit (or Pinterest ideas), check out these tips for avoiding ingrown toenails. 4 Tips for Avoiding Ingrown Toenails

  1. Cut your toenails straight across - don't make a rounded shape

  2. Clean and trim your toenails and cuticles regularly - wash them daily, and have a thorough pedicure once a month, either DIY or at Pink & White

  3. Be careful where and how much you trim - cutting the skin or tearing the cuticle can lead to ingrowns

  4. ​Don't wear shoes that are too small - this is the #1 cause of ingrown toenails

In the event you ever do have an ingrown, you should immediately seek a medical professional - not a nail salon. Doctors should be used to remove, while salons/spas can help keep them away.

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