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3 Tips Your Face Will Thank You For

Summer sun protection

The beautiful spring season is finally here!

And with it, comes beautiful plant growth, an increase in daylight hours, and warmer weather.

At least that's what everyone likes to focus on.

No one wants to talk about the additional sweat we battle, increased electric bills (for those lucky enough to have air conditioner), and the stress we face with swimsuit season and trying to keep makeup from melting!

While we may not have a solution for it all, we do have a few skincare tips for making a smoother transition to these warmer months.

1. Wear More SPF - We truly can't stress this enough! As we begin to bare your shoulders, brave the beaches, and enjoy the great outdoors, sunscreen need to be incorporated into our daily routine. There are many facial moisturizers and products that contain high levels of SPF without making your shiny, greasy, or smelly, so there is no excuse for going without! We also need to protect the less obvious places, such as your scalp, ears, and legs, where an increasing number of women are now finding skin cancer.

2. Don't Skip the Moisturize - With warmer weather comes oilier skin, but this doesn't mean it's time to cut back on moisturizing. You might just need to make a switch! While a rich, moisturizing formula may be perfect in the winter months, an oil controlling formula might be more helpful in the warmer months. And most skincare brands offer moisturizers in formulas ranging from extremely dry to very oily skin, so you can probably stick to your favorite brand.

3. Take a Close Look at Your Foundation - Experts say that a woman's skin tone can change about 4 times a year due to sun exposure. And as much as we can fight it with SPF, we are likely to be at least a shade darker in the summer. Remember, the key with foundation is to look like you're not wearing any! As soon as you begin to notice the color on your face, it's time to get rematched!

We hope these tips come in handy this season, and if you have any questions, please post them below or feel free to ask at your next visit!

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