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Why So Many Coats?

Nail polish coats

When you think back to the last time you got a manicure - how many coats (base, top, and polish) were used?

We bet it seemed like a lot!

But have you ever wondered why we use so many?

There's actually a very important reason for each and every coat - here's the scoop:

Base coat: We use this to prevent the natural nail bed from turning yellow when painted, plus it primes the nail before painting it (similar to how you'd prime a wall before you paint it).

Polish (2 coats): We always recommend two coats of nail polish color to ensure you get a rich color over the entire nail.

Top coat: This seals the polish and gives a shiny, glossy appearance that enhances the color and help your manicure to last.

If you prefer an at-home manicure, be sure you invest in a quality base and top coat so you can make the most of your time and efforts!

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